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Top Handled Chainsaw Guidance

Top Handle Chainsaws

As a long standing retailer of chainsaws, a topic which appears with regular frequency is that of the ownership and use of Top-Handled chainsaws.

The top-handle models are available from multiple manufacturers and now widely produced in both 2-stroke petrol and cordless battery versions. Designed purely for aerial applications, they should ONLY be used when working at height i.e. the pruning or dismantling of a tree. They are not intended to be used on the ground, all ground based work should be undertaken using an appropriate back handled chainsaw.

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How to Scarify a Lawn

How to scarify a lawn
Photo by Adam Frazier

Anyone who has done a little bit of research into lawn maintenance will have doubtless come across information on the practice of scarifying. This term generally refers to using a machine to remove thatch from the surface of a lawn to help improve overall health and lead to a thicker and more aesthetically pleasing appearance, and we’ve put together a guide to the causes and a step-by-step guide on how to scarify a lawn correctly.

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E10 Fuel

E10 will soon become the norm when filling up with unleaded at garage forecourts across the UK. E10 denotes that the fuel contains up to 10% renewable bioethanol.
E10 has been produced as a more environmentally friendly fuel for use in modern cars, it produces less CO2 whilst at the same time marginally improving fuel efficiency (when compared to unleaded containing 0-5% ethanol). HOWEVER, it is NOT RECOMMENDED for many GARDEN MACHINERY applications**, older cars or small motorcycles, more specifically engines fitted with vented fuel systems and carburettors.

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Rotten Fence Posts – Spend More to Save More


Change in regulations

Many of us have been there, on a windy day we arrive home at the end of a long day to find our fence has fallen down! Either that or wake up in the morning and discover a view of the next door neighbours garden that wasn’t there the night before. Puts a slight dampener on things, doesn’t it!

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Why Does Petrol Go Stale?

Why Does Petrol Go Stale?

Does petrol really go stale?

Petrol from the pump is a mix of many organic components with different properties that determine the performance of the fuel. If left in an open container it will, in time, completely evaporate. But as it evaporates, the composition of the fuel will change as different chemical components evaporate at different rates. This evaporation also happens in fuel cans and tanks and the process of degradation starts the moment the fuel is purchased.

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