Correct use of Silky saws

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Instructions on how to use your Silky Saw.

  1. Silky saws have been designed to cut on the pull stroke. The thin blades will not bow because they are under tension while being pulled across the surface to be cut. If your saw ever becomes caught in a branch squeeze DO NOT PUSH HARD and NEVER WRENCH OR TWIST THE HANDLE. These actions may damage the blade. Always lift the weight off the blade to release the saw.
  2. Silky’s precision engineering results in a fine kerf and therefore, only minimal force is required to cut. DO NOT use extra pressure to speed up your sawing as this can cause the teeth to. ‘Teeth can be ‘popped’ when the user is sawing with a very fast action and also pushing far too hard against the blade whilst cutting. LET THE SAW DO THE WORK for you while you pull it across the wood.
  3. Impulse hardened blades cannot be re-sharpened by a hand file.
  4. Keep your blades clean by using solvent. Keep the solvent away from the handle.
  5. When not in use, store the saw in a protective sheath and away from moisture.
  6. Neither Silky or Briants of Risborough are not responsible for any damage resulting from the misuse of Silky saws.