ARBORTEC Hi Leg Chainsaw Boot Socks


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Single Pair of socks. Superbly comfortable and durable work sock, ideal for high leg boots – a must in winter, but once worn you’ll want to be in them all year round.

The X-pert Lo sock is an 14″ (350mm) sock made from a blend of Advansa Thermo-cool* and Merino Wool** for optimum temperature and moisture regulation and Lycra and Borgolon Nylon for a snug fit.
With a clever flex zone at the front of the ankle; ribbed calf grips at the top and the 4 layer knitted heel and toe; these socks are the perfect partners for your Arbortec footwear.

*Thermo-cool: The Advansa Thermo-cool combination is a unique blend of hollow cored fibres and fibres with a longitudinally channelled surface, providing benefits beyond that which can be expected by a single yarn of one type of fibre.

**Merino Wool is one of nature’s wonders which is naturally breathable and odour resistant, and has amazing thermal properties.

Product specification

  • Instep vent panels and channels around tibia for temperature control
  • Moisture wicking fibres on sides and tibia
  • Padding in footbed for shock absorption
  • Softened instep to protect against blisters and bruises
  • Reinforced toe & heel for durability


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