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The Yorkshire long handled Billhook is one of the most popular patterns in our range of hedge laying tools. It is robust and very well weighted to cut through thick stems, but can still be swung with one arm. We stock many of the most popular billhook patterns.

The total length of this Yorkshire billhook is around 26 inches (665mm), and the double-sided blade measures around 11 inches (305mm), and has been riveted to a solid Hickory handle. The blade is suitable for sharpening by the user as required, and may require sharpening before first use (at the users discretion).

We stock a great range of hedge laying tools and other pruning tools including traditional pattern billhooks, secateurs, bowsaws and axes. We have experience spanning well over 50 years in the timber and forestry industry.

Long Handled Yorkshire Billhook – Why is it named after an English county?

The billhook has over the years been used in coppice and hedge row work across the whole of the UK. Many counties blacksmiths made their own specific design, and thus it became known by the name of the county. The Yorkshire billhook pattern continues to be one of our best selling hedge laying hooks. There are a handful of popular patterns, most of which we sell, but many other counties have had, or still have their own patterns, each one original in it’s own way.

What is Hedge Laying?

Hedge laying is an old traditional technique for thickening up a hedge row. Most hedges when they get established will have more dense greenery higher up than at ground level. In years and decades gone by livestock was enclosed in by hedges which needed to be escape proof. Of course keeping unwanted visitors out would have been top priority. In more modern times with the availability of stock fencing etc, this is a more common approach, however hedge laying as a skill is far from finished and in fact there are well attended hedge laying competitions and other events around the UK every year which help to promote this traditional skill. If you look around the countryside between late autumn and early spring you can often find freshly laid hedges dotted around. In modern times hedges are given this treatment to help natural habitats and to keep the traditional skills alive. Also from a visual point of view, a newly laid hedge is a fantastic sight.

How to lay a hedge

Well, we won’t get too technical here, because there are variations and different approaches in different parts of the UK. The basic principal though is that a cut is put through the stem of the hedge, using a tool such as the Yorkshire billhook and then the whole stem is bent over. once this is done along the whole hedge, the new growth will thicken the hedge up from ground level to the top and make a nice dense hedge.

Product specification

10 reviews for CARTER’S Yorkshire Billhook – Long Handled

  1. Peter Clark (verified owner)

    I bought this for a hedge laying project later in the year. I’ve used it a little to chop a few logs, using the axe side and it seems very well balanced and once sharpened some more will be perfect for the task.

  2. Dvaid Taylor (verified owner)

    Quite heavy in one hand but well balanced to use either one handed or two handed for a stretching job. Very effective clearing out thick undergrowth and ripping out brambles and roots.
    Be careful no-one walks behind you when taking a good swing at something though !

  3. Matt (verified owner)

    Nice price , good blade , good handle ,after sharpening it does the job !

  4. Ian (verified owner)

    Nice piece of kit for hedge work.

  5. George Lunt (verified owner)

    I was faced with a massive overgrowth of brambles behind my garden fence
    the fence is 6 feet plus 2 feet drop so quite a task
    I needed a mans tool that was strong and not to light and a decent handle
    there are long handle versions but I had a limited swing ark so this was ideal
    the tool is brilliant no messing about cut them down with minimum effort

  6. Peter Smith (verified owner)

    Ideal for my needs when trimming fallen timber for collection with the only “fault” being that it did need to be sharpened before I could use it properly — well worth the money and very good service..

  7. DEH (verified owner)

    Good for the money (half the price of some Yorkshire pattern billhooks) All need a proper sharpening when new.

  8. tudor (verified owner)

    Effective strong and well made, if looked after it should last a lifetime.

  9. Richard (verified owner)

    Excellent service from this firm.

  10. Lesley Wills (verified owner)

    Excellent service and fantastic bit of kit works well using it to lay hawthorn

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