Chainlink Posts – Angle Iron – Intermediate


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Intermediate chainlink posts, pre-drilled for line wire & pointed on one end to drive into the ground.

The intermediate posts are designed to support the fence at regular intervals along a run of chainlink fencing. Sometimes referred to as ‘angle irons’ these posts are robust, strong & finished with a black coating.

We also stock end and corner posts as well as chain-link rolls and accessories.

Product specification

Availiable in sizes:

  • 5ft for a 3ft fence
  • 6ft for a 4ft Fence
  • 6ft 6inches for 4ft 6inch Fence 
  • 8ft for 6ft Fence

5mm Thick - Black 

Common Imperial sizes shown are converted from the actual metric equivillent. (ie 6ft = 1800mm etc) 



Additional information

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