Slotted Concrete Posts for Fence Panels

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SCORPION Security Clips For Slotted Concrete Fence Posts

BLUE CIRCLE Postcrete (Rapid Set) - 20kg bag

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Concrete Posts have many advantages over traditional timber, our slotted concrete posts are a popular choice when installing fence panels. Like all Supreme Posts, they are made from high strength concrete, reinforced for ultimate durability and long life. Easy to install and cost-effective, Strong-cast Slotted Concrete Posts are completely unaffected by moisture and rot and will add years of extra life to any panel fencing installation. The pro range is, in most cases, between 20-30% lighter than our previous range of concrete posts. The concrete posts should be fixed into the ground using either Blue Circle Postcrete or Remix. We also offer a local delivery service and if you need a trustworthy and reliable fencing contractor to undertake the work on your behalf, we can put you in touch with one or more of our highly recommended contractors, who have all been customers of ours for years and whose work and reputation is very well known to us.

Installing Fence Panels Using Concrete Posts

Installing concrete posts is a 2-person job (minimum) due to the heavy nature of the product and other variables. When installing posts make sure you first dig the hole to the appropriate depth. This is generally at least 2ft below the panel, e.g. for a 6ft panel, use an 8ft post etc. In some instances, it may be a good idea to dig 3 feet down – i.e. on soft ground or if in a windy area such as a hillside property. Once the hole is dug (it’s best to use a post hole spade for this to avoid digging the hole too wide) sit the post in the bottom of the hole and then ‘offer up’ the panel to ensure the finished height of the post and panel looks ok. Once this is checked and all ok, use Remix or blue circle postcrete to fix the post into the centre of the hole. Always check with a spirit level ALL sides of the post to ensure it is perfectly level before the mix sets hard (usually 10-15 mins). Whilst setting the post, it will need propping or holding to ensure it doesn’t move. whilst it’s setting, measure the width of the panel (often 6ft) and using a string line to ensure a straight fence (from the start to finish point of the fence) dig the next hole ready. Offer up the panel/gravel board and set the next post in the same way. To avoid splashing post mix on the panel/gravel board it can be raised off the ground temporarily with some blocks or similar object whilst applying postcrete, and then lowered down when set.

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Lap panels, Closeboard panels

5 reviews for Slotted Concrete Posts for Fence Panels

  1. Anthony James King (verified owner)


  2. Gadget (verified owner)

    Had to remove a small amount of concrete at the top of a couple of the posts to allow the fence panel to be inserted. Although a minor adjustment, just enough to loose a star.

  3. Gadget (verified owner)

    Straight, solid, no issues with installing panels.

  4. Greg (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. Straight and very strong. Service from Briants is always good very helpful driver

  5. Greg (verified owner)

    Excellent quality nice and straight and strong . Good service from Briants again . Driver very helpful

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