CREOSEAL 25 Litre Timber Preserver


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The modern alternative to Creosote

Creoseal the modern alternative to traditional creosote. An H.S.E. approved wood preservative, creoseal is suitable for treating exterior timber such as: fence panels, Fence Posts, sheds, lattice work and trellis etc.


  • The wood to be treated should be thoroughly dry
  • Apply Creoseal liberally. Can be applied by brush, medium pile small roller, spray or dipped
  • Extra penetration can be achieved by standing timber in Creoseal overnight. This is especially useful for post ends that will be buried
  • Patch match each can before application
  • A coat of Creoseal every 1-2 years will help to give wood considerable life
  • Can be applied over previously creosoted or wood treatment coated timber

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