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This lightweight Dashel Basher is effective when cutting through long grass, nettles and green weeds. The wooden handle is in 2 sections, and fixed securely with 3 bolts to the long metal curved blade. This slasher is well weighted and comfortable to use. This tool is sometimes referred to as a jungle slasher, and it provides a lightweight, and easier to handle version, of the traditional grass scythe. This tool can be used from a straight standing position to prevent the need to bend forward when cutting vegetation down.


Product specification

Total Length - 85cm

4 reviews for Dashel Basher – Grass Slasher

  1. Christine Howell (verified owner)

    I was recommended to try the Dashel Basher to help with cutting back a very overgrown plot of land that I’ve bought. I’ve not used one before so it’s taking some time to work out how to use it (there’s not much help on YouTube), and effective it is on different plants and their heights. It works really well on soft leaves and even some harder stems but it’s definitely best on smaller plants and lower grass. It’s a useful tool to have alongside others that will work on the more overgrown plants, such as a strimmer.

  2. Yvonne Dixon (verified owner)

    Excellent implement for dealing with long grass and some tougher plant stems – especially good for a long narrow garden like mine where it’s difficult to use a mower. You just have to swing it like a golf club. A scythette would complement it for dealing with shrubs.

  3. Stephen Carrington (verified owner)

    I had a previous similar type model which was made in south Africa…which I used in my woodland,….sold the woodland and equipment,…. recently offered a large overgrown allotment so bought this model,…it’s effective for a overgrown allotment ….just be consistent and patient,…I must make mention of Briants method of taking an order and getting it to you,….hmmm…it was the swiftest most informed delivery I’ve ever made online so I must say thank you to the staff….steve

  4. Stephen Carrington (verified owner)

    It works….be consistent and patient..

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