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Tree stump killer plugs by ‘Ecoplug’ are small plugs which get inserted into pre-drilled holes in the tree or stump to both kill and prevent its regrowth. This is a very simple to use and effective product which can be (optionally) supplied with a drill bit which includes a fixed ”stop” to ensure you drill into the stump at the optimum depth to correctly administer the contents in the tree stump.

Ecoplug Max is a 100% effective method for completely eliminating the sprouting from broad leaf trees. It is a selective method which will reduce the use of chemicals by around 90% compared to the more traditional methods used. The active ingredient (glyphosate) gets released inside the tree when the plug is hammered in.

How to use

  1. Cut the tree as close to the ground as possible
  2. For optimum results, treat within 2 days of cutting; however, stumps can be treated up to 1 month after felling, but translocation of active ingredient may be slower
  3. Measure the diameter of the cut face and calculate how many plugs to use from the application rate table
  4. Drill a hole in the stump; the hole should be 25 – 30mm deep and 13mm wide using an adapted drill to control the depth
  5. Space the holes no more than 6 – 8cm apart around the entire circumference of the stump
  6. Drill as close to the bark as possible, because the tree’s transport system is directly adjacent to the bark
  7. Insert Ecoplug Max plugs into each hole with the thicker end protruding outwards
  8. Using a hammer, drive the Ecoplug Max plug in completely so that its head seals the drilled hole, causing the plug to release the herbicide
  9. For best results, stump treatment should be done not more than 2 days after felling
  10. Do not use for any other purpose than treatment of freshly cut tree stumps




Product specification

  • Use all year around.
  • Will Kill: Elm, Alder, Birch, Aspen, Lime, beech, maple, mountain ash, Poplar, sallow, ash, cherry, bird cherry, oak & other broad leafed trees.
  • Minimizes the use of chemicals during treatment of trees & stumps.
  • This product will kill off the entire root system, but only the root system. Neither people, animals or the environment will be exposed to our product when applied as directed.
  • A box of 100 plugs.
  • Contains Glyphosate .

1 review for Tree Stump Killer Plugs – Ecoplug Max

  1. Daphne Duncan (verified owner)

    Purchased drill bit for member of my family but it has not been used. It looked quite well made so am hoping it will be okay.
    The order came within the delivery window. I cannot comment on usage but it will be used to try to eradicate tree stumps in the near future.

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