ENGLISH BRAIDS 10mm Multi-Sling 50cm Spliced Eye – 5m

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Multi-Slings are the latest versions of the traditional Dead-Eye. Offering a variety of uses from an Anchor sling, to a Mounting sling, even a Balancing sling. Constructed with a large spliced eye the Multi-Sling can be easily choked on to a product and when tying knots the splice is located behind the knot, instead of in front as would be the case with a traditional Dead-Eye.

The ALLIANCE Braid-on-Braid is a high quality, UK manufactured rigging line offering one of the highest average breaking strengths of all the polyester double braid ropes. This Braid on Braid has been engineered to offer a rigging line with outstanding performance.

• Superb handling and flexibility.
• Low extension under load.
• Easy to splice.
• Non kinking.
• Applied with abrasion reduction coating.
• Factory pre-stretch.

The ALLIANCE rope is manufactured from high tenacity 100% polyester. The inner core is a 12-strand braid made from a natural coloured fibre (white). The outer is a full colour 24-strand braided cover with a durable coating to help prevent abrasion.

The natural inner core construction works in ALLIANCE with the outer cover giving the rope flexibility and durability which makes for good winching and block running in rigging operations.

All our breaking strengths are quoted as Average SPLICED Strength.

Product specification

Diameter - 10mm
Colour - Red
Length - 40m
Eye Size  50cm
Splicable Ave Break Load - 2540kg
Rope Type - Alliance Braid
Coated - Yes


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