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Fence Post Spikes are typically used for the installation of timber fence posts. They allow for relatively quick and easy installation. The post spike essentially removes the need to dig a hole, as well as the need to purchase postcrete or similar product. It will keep the timber fence post above ground level, minimising rot and water ingress into the posts meaning the chance of costly repairs to your fence are greatly reduced when using this system.

  • Used to make the erection of timber fence posts easier and quicker with a flat socket base to aid the driving in of the support.
  • Manufactured with 4 fins for extra strength when driving in.
  • Single corner tightening action makes for a speedy installation but gives full adjustability.
  • Hammer into the ground using a fence post driving tool.

*Please Note: We sometimes use more than 1 supplier for this product, so the brand may sometimes vary from the photo.

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