Galvanised Brenton Bolts for Garden Gates


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Galvanised Brenton bolt for securing garden gates. These bolts are available in 3 sizes.

When hanging garden gates, we advise installing two Brenton bolts. One near the top and a second near the bottom of the gate. Timber by it’s very nature will often move depending on the temperature and weather conditions. In very wet conditions the timber with absorb water and swell up, and likewise in hot conditions, the opposite will occur, the timber will dry out and shrink. This can lead to the gate twisting out of alignment with the expansions and contractions of the wood. Securing the gate both top and bottom will stop the gate twisting in extremes of temperature and weather.

Product specification

  • Availiable in sizes: 4'' :: 6'' :: 8'' 
  • Galvanised
  • Screws not supplied


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