GRANBERG 12V Chainsaw Sharpener – G1012XT

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The Granberg G1012XT precision grinder is great for those requiring a portable solution to keep on site or in your work vehicle. Powered by 12v Car/Truck battery with simple to use crocodile type terminals. Built in the USA, where it is hugely popular and widely used, it is Granberg’s most popular grinder. It will mount quickly and easily to the chainsaw bar, and the angle can be adjusted with ease, as can the height of the file and the tooth length, allowing the user to get the perfect cut in order to sharpen the chain. Depth gauges can be accurately lowered. There are many chainsaw accessories available on the market, and this will be a fantastic addition to any chainsaw users kit.

Which chainsaw chains is the G1012XT suitable for, and which stones can I use?

The G1012XT is capable of taking all stone sizes for standard chain pitches and can be used to sharpen any chainsaw chain.

Optional stones available in store… 3/8 LP, 325 & .404 as well as ‘Kool Grind’ cooling compound.

How do I use the G1012XT?

Clamp the sharpener unit onto the chainsaw bar securely and then set the correct angle using the calibrated swivel guide markings. Adjust the file height and tooth length accordingly and pull the chain through the bar groove for each sharpen.

Any other specifics?

General description: 12-volt, 24,000 rpm motorised chain saw sharpener made of cast aluminium, moulded poly carbonate and zinc-plated steel. Includes one each of 5/32”, 3/16”, and 7/32” stones to sharpen standard chain pitches.

What is the history of hand held chain grinders?

Back in the 1970’s Elof Granberg introduced in to the market the first hand held 12 volt chainsaw chain sharpener of this type. Granberg pride themselves as being the origin of this type of sharpener and have been constantly improving the design ever since. It is widely acknowledged that Granberg set the standard for hand held chain sharpeners and it can be strongly argued that every other grinder of the sort is some form of copy of the idea which they created all those years ago. There are many credible other handheld grinders of this type of course, but it can be argued this is the best.

Product specification

  • Includes 3 sharpening stones
  • 12-volt
  • 24,000 rpm
  • Granberg


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