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With unleaded fuels deteriorating faster than ever, due to the increase in ethanol content, it’s a beneficial idea to use a fuel stabilisation product, particularly if you plan on keeping a jerry can of fuel in the shed for lawn mowing purposes. Hayter have produced a lawn mower fuel treatment which improves engine performance and reliability, protects against the effects of ethanol and helps keep the fuel system clean and operational.

Supplied in a 355ml bottle with a handy graduated measuring cup for an accurate mixing process.

Stabilises fuel 12 months or more when mixed at a rate of 20ml per 5 litres of petrol. It protects the fuel against water attracted by the ethanol within the fuel. Once the treated fuel is used within the machine it coats and protects the carburettor, one of the most critical and fragile components within the fuel delivery system of any 2 and 4-stroke engine.

Product specification


  • 20ml per 5 litres of petrol for stabilisation
  • 40ml per 5 litres of petrol for maximum fuel system clean-up

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    Fast service and good value

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