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Hazel hurdle fencing creates an attractive, rustic style screening in and around the garden. The construction is very sturdy and robust, featuring long strands of Hazel woven tightly between the solid upright supports. This style of panel has long been a popular choice with our customers, and is available in 3 different sizes.

How to fix Hazel Hurdle Fencing

Of course, firstly you’ll need some sturdy round stakes or square fence posts (rustic stakes are often preferred due to the nature of the panel). 2 stakes are needed per panel, but don’t forget that for more than 1 hurdle you’ll always need an extra stake to finish off the run. For example for 2 hazel hurdle panels, 3 posts or stakes are required (1 on each end, and 1 in the middle). For 3 panels you’ll need 4 posts and so on.

One method of fixing is to screw them into position. Although when doing this it must be stressed that great care should be taken. Due to the nature of the product, the uprights on each end of the panel may vary in thickness, so the thickest part should be used to screw through where possible. It is also essential that a pilot hole is carefully drilled first to avoid splitting the timber, for this reason, we don’t recommend this method.

The more preferable method is to use thick black cable ties to tightly strap the panels to the stakes. The black colour will be the most discreet and blend in better with the colour of the hurdle. A minimum of 4 cable ties should be used on each side of the panel for security.

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2 reviews for Hazel Hurdle Fencing – Screening

  1. Alice Wood (verified owner)

    I ordered some hazel hurdles to replace old ones which have started collapsing and coming apart. I believe they are not intended to last as long as standard fencing. However mine are used as a sort of screen behind a veg patch and look good. Also they are well made.

  2. D Walter (verified owner)

    I ordered some replacement hurdles. The old ones lasted for about 6 years which seemed reasonable. I now have a lot of kindling for the wood burner too! Delivery was quick and easy. Very happy customer!

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