Heart of Eden All Purpose Peat Free Compost 50 Litre

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Peat-free Compost. 50 Litre bag.

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All-Purpose Natural Compost is an environmentally friendly all-rounder product, suitable for indoor plants and outdoors in your garden. It can be used for sowing seeds, rooting cuttings and filling pots, hanging baskets and tubs. All-Purpose Natural Compost is based on premium quality ingredients, enriched with naturally occurring nutrients and balanced fertiliser levels to ensure healthy and vigorous plants at all stages of growth and under a variety of situations, for use all year round.

This product is free from peat, which is an increasingly rare natural resource. Peat bogs are an invaluable habitat for flora and fauna and an important store of carbon – destroying them to make garden compost contributes to climate change.


  • Fertiliser to encourage healthy growth
  • Gives plants and seeds a great start when sowed
  • Allows flowers and vegetables to flourish and grow

Product specification

Volume - 50 Litres


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