NEW 2024 Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower HRM1500LIVE & HRM2500LIVE


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The HRM1500 Live cuts areas up to 1500m2 whilst the HRM2500LIVE can cope with areas up to 3000m2 , it comes equipped with bluetooth connectivity and uses a shortcut wire to tackle narrow passages and provide efficient mowing. It also offers extra features such as Alexa integration and satellite assisted homing.

The in-app map allows you to track your Miimo’s location and you also have the ability to set up a geofence for security alert protection. Keeping your Miimo up to date is simple, just check in the Mii-monitor app to see if there’s an available update, and you can do it yourself from the comfort of your own home. You can control when your Miimo goes out to work, using the in-app scheduling assistant, you can set a mowing schedule that suits you and the app will report your mowing history and activity.

The new generation Honda LIVE Miimo’s come with integrated features:

  • Shortcut Wire – Allows Miimo to tackle narrow passages, reduce wheel track creation and reduce setup time to increase efficiency and speed.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – Connect your Miimo to the Mii-Monitor App and have full control through your smartphone for easy, simple operation.
  • Alexa Integration – Talk to your Miimo through the power of Alexa. You can tell Miimo to cut, pause or finish, and even find out where Miimo is and when it will be cutting next.
  • Enhanced Navigation – The Miimo Live uses satellite assisted homing to allow Miimo to travel back to its docking station quickly and allows for Free Zone setup so you can keep designated areas free from mowing.
  • Satellite Assisted HomingWith intelligent operation, Miimo Live will find a more direct route to go back to its docking station.
  • Models can be controlled through your smartphone, with the Live model offering extra features along with the ability to control your Miimo from wherever you are.
  • Quick Charging Time – Miimo HRM1500 Live takes just 40 minutes and HRM2500 Live just 80 minutes (due to large capacity battery) to charge so you can deliver a quick mow for whenever your lawn needs it.
  • Free Zones – If you want to keep an area free for other activities, you can set this up so Miimo doesn’t mow in a designated area.
  • Smart Timer – The Mii-monitor app will use online weather data to adjust the mowing schedule to protect your lawn from any harsh weather conditions.

*Subject to domestic use and following the service schedule

Installation & Features

If you live locally to Briants of Risborough we can offer a site survey and installation package. Please contact us on 01844 343663 to discuss your requirements.

5 Year Warranty. Honda. Domestic Use. 2 Year Warranty. Honda. Professional Use.

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