HONDA Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower HRM310

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Honda Miimo robotic lawn mowers for larger lawns.

SUPPLIED WITH: 200m boundary wire and 200 pegs


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HONDA Miimo Docking Station Cover - HRM310/520/3000

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The Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mowers means that, when it comes to grass cutting, there’s no need to be involved at all because it intelligently follows the layout of the garden, quietly and finely cutting the grass, so there are no unsightly clippings left behind. It’s so smart it even knows when to recharge itself!

Miimo, like many robotic lawn mowers, works on the principle of a docking station plugged into your homes electricity supply via a conventional 3 pin plug. From the docking station, we either bury or peg a boundary wire into the lawn. The docking station sends a signal through the boundary wire which Miimo detects through receiver sensors built into the mower, so it knows where to stop and turn round, avoiding any possibility of it driving off into the sunset … or your flower beds! Once Miimo detects it has been cutting for a set period of time or the battery level is depleted, it will find the boundary wire and return itself back to it’s docking station to recharge.

Following installation, Miimo knows the area of the lawn it is cutting and programmes in a schedule of mowing hours across the week. It will come and go throughout the week leaving a beautifully even and well manicured finish to the lawn.

When the weather gets too cold for the grass to mow, Miimo knows! It parks itself up, either until the temperature warms up sufficiently or you pack it away in the garage or shed for the winter.

SUPPLIED WITH: 200m boundary wire and 200 pegs

If you reside in our local area we offer a free, no obligation consultation to assess the garden and make recommendations, thereafter we can install the Miimo and offer a full after sales service.

Honda warranty 5


Product specification

Area capacity - up to 1500 m²
Working capacity - 83 m²/h
Maximum incline mowing area - 24° / 45%
Maximum incline wire on slope - 10° / 17%
Blade type - 3 (Swing back type)
Cutting width - 220 mm
Cutting height adjustment - Manual from 20 to 60 mm
Battery type - Li-ion 22.2V / 1.8Ah
Mowing time per charge - 40 min
Charging time - 30 min
Waterproofing - IPX4
Docking station position - Parallel to boundary wire
Boundary wire and pegs supplied - 200 m / 200 pegs
Length x width x height - 635 mm x 550 mm x 287 mm
Weight - 11.6 kg


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