JACKSONS Frameless Venetian Hit and Miss Fence Panel


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Consistent with the rest of the Jacksons Fencing Venetian range, the Hit and Miss variety is contemporary and sleek meaning it is fit for any suburban or traditional garden setting. The Venetian Hit and Miss panel allows a greater amount of light into your property whilst maintaining your privacy. Another benefit of this panel’s construction is that it is ‘Good-Both-Sides’ as the horizontal slats usually reserved for one side are spread across both faces. The panel is described as ‘frameless’ as it is constructed so that the frame. ledges and braces are not visible. This ensures a similar, finished look for both you and your neighbours.

  • These contemporary panels are ideal for using within your back-garden or outside the front of your property to add a highly stylish design.
  • The panel is described as ‘frameless’ as it is constructed so that the frame. ledges and braces are not visible
  • The dimensions for these premium quality handcrafted Venetian Hit and Miss fence panels are 0.607mm x 1830mm.
  • Using these high quality slatted panels can act as a decorative screen in your garden separating you and your neighbour.
  • At only 607mm high these panels are great when stacked on top of each other.
  • 0.6m x 1.83m Venetian Hit and Miss panels are elegantly handcrafted using high quality premium timber slats that have been manufactured, planed and pressure treated to last a minimum of 25-years.
  • To achieve a taller fence this frame less panel can easily be stacked, for example two 0.6m panels would create a 1.2m high fence.

The unique, accredited, Jakcure® treatment process allows Jacksons to guarantee their timber fencing for 25 years against wood-boring pest, and wet or dry rot. (Subject to registration)


Product specification

Type - Hit & Miss
Height - 907mm (3ft)
Width - 1838mm (6ft)
Material - Softwood
Finish - Treated with Jakcure preservative (25 year guarantee)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Panel Type

Contemporary Panels

Treatment Type

Jakcure (25 Year Guarantee)


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