MARLOW Arborist Throwline – 2.0mm – 50m

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An arborist throw line is a crucial piece of equipment in a tree climbers arsenal. It will allow initial access into the tree to be achieved. The throw line is tied the the metal ring on an arborist throw bag and launched over a suitable point in the tree. This simple but effective system enables a cambium saver or rope to be pulled into the tree. This particular line from Marlow ropes is by far the most popular throw line with our arborist customers, and continues to offer both value for money and great performance.

What are the features of this arborist throw line?

  • This 2mm arborist throw line has a smooth and hardwearing polyester cover.
  • It’s bright orange colour means is is as visible as possible when in use.
  • Compact design means minimum storage space is taken up.
  • It is very lightweight to carry.

Product Specifications

  • Diameter – 2.0mm.
  • Length – 50m.
  • Smooth, hardwearing polyester covering.
  • Weight – 0.27 kg/100m.
  • Av. Break load – 110kg.
  • Min. Break load – 99kg.
  • Colour – Orange.

Product specification


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