PORTEK Logmaster Chainsaw Saw Horse

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The Logmaster chainsaw saw horse from Portek is a safer and much more convenient way to use a saw horse. It’s clever design means that the chainsaw is fully and securely clamped onto the body of the horse with the full the weight of the saw then carried on the frame, thus leaving the operator free to hold the log in position with one hand, and swing the chainsaw through the log with the other. A simple and innovative idea which makes cutting logs with a chainsaw a far easier task than it ever has been before.

As well as pure convenience and ease of use, the Portek Logmaster saw horse is also a much safer way to perform the task of cutting wood. Because the whole weight of the chainsaw is supported by this heavy duty sawhorse and NOT your back, it will greatly cut down risk of back strain and fatigue, especially when cutting large amounts of firewood! When the saw horse is in operation, the chainsaw is supported by a very simple clamping plate which clamps the saw solidly into position, taking the backache out of logging.

This simple solution to an old problem makes the job much easier, not to mention faster! Anyone with experience of cutting logs for any length of time will appreciate the value of this simple but clever design. This robust saw horse will change the way you chop logs forever. The Logmaster makes it fast, safe and effortless to operate, unlike the conventional method which requires constant bending, lifting and straining, starting and stopping. So, spend more time relaxing in front of the fire and less time working out in the cold! The top edge of the chainsaw blade will be hidden under a metal cover during use for added safety.


Product specification

  • Fully adjustable
  • Fits any chainsaw
  • Suitable for different log sizes
  • Load capacity - 125kg
  • 2mm Thick plated steel
  • Weight - 17kg
  • Ultra safe chainsaw clamp
  • Fully guarded chain bar
  • Telescopic legs

4 reviews for PORTEK Logmaster Chainsaw Saw Horse

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    Very easy to use and safe for me to use my chainsaw to obtain logs

  2. Bill Dudley

    Bought this today and put it straight to work. Great saw horse, have your chainsaw serviced and make sure it starts easy as when clamped to the saw horse it will pull the clamp out of alignment. Otherwise hardly any effort to use compared to hand held . Cut treble the amount of logs I usually do.

  3. Phil Russell (verified owner)

    Great chainsaw bench. It’s my second one and the improvements to the design made a fantastic log benchneven better

  4. Tedrick

    A friend lent me his and it was great, so I bought one. Used it earlier this week and it did an amazing job. It’s a bit fiddly to put together, and I am not sure of the value of the length attachment, which is difficult to use, but otherwise great.

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