PORTEK Petrol Post Driver – 2 Stroke – 52cc

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Portek have developed this petrol powered post driver for fencing contractors and agricultural workers, installing posts, stakes or stock fencing. It is a high performance, high quality and heavy duty piece of machinery, built to do one job – drive posts into the ground with relative ease. It’s 2 stoke engine is air cooled and powered by a single cylinder – the perfect configuration for a compact machine such as this. The single cylinder will give the maximum amount of power given the size of the machine. The cooling is also much simpler than in multiple cylinder engines, as it’s air cooled, while also cutting down on the overall weight. It offers another option to a fully manual post driver, whilst saving on the amount of labour required to complete the task. This is especially useful when installing many posts, or when accessing tough areas which are inaccessible to heavier machinery, such as a tractor with a ram. Hillsides and woodlands would be good examples of this.

Using the Portek Post Rammer

It is very simple to set up and use. It comes complete with a set of 3 different sized socket attachments, allowing the user to efficiently drive a variety of post or stake diameters. the rings supplied are sizes: 20mm x 49mm, 50mm x 69mm or 70mm x 99mm.

The user will simply select the appropriate sized piling socket retainer (the size closest to the size of the stake or post being driven into the ground) and screw it securely into the end of the tube.

  • Max power and speed: 1500W / 9,000 rpm
  • Max torque and speed: 2.5N.m / 5,000 rpm
  • Impact frequency: 700 ~ 1,350 rpm
  • Impact energy: 20 ~ 55J
  • Max power output: <1.42k
  • Capacity: 52cc

The Portek PL075 Post Rammer comes complete with a convenient carry case on wheels, as well as a full tool kit, spare grease and a fuel container.


Watch Portek demo video

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