Birkdale Post Hole Digger – Wooden Handles

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This post hole digger features 2 solid wooden handles and double digging spade ends. When installing fence posts using a normal garden spade, it is very difficult to get the ideal size and shape hole. It isn’t actually necessary to have a large hole to take a fence post, and by using a normal spade, you will usually end up with a bigger hole than is actually needed, leading to the need to use more postcrete, and therefore wasting money A post hole digging spade is designed to enable the user to dig a hole stright down into the earth, then remove the soil by squeezing the handles together and lift it out of the hole. Using this tool, which is sometimes referred to as post hole spoons, you will end up with a nice cylindrical straight hole with solid, compact edges. Using a normal spade will often lead to disruption to the surrounding soil, and again will make the hole larger than needed.

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  1. Purna Gurung (verified owner)

    Go with five star. cause their prompt response to orders, fast and in good time of delivery and follow up of orders all these come up excellent customer care. Also, the item I ordered is very reliable and excellent quality.
    Thank you very much Briants supplies.

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