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These posts have been specially morticed to take our 900mm high picket rails or panels. Available pointed or round topped to match our single pickets. They have been shaped and morticed in our own workshop.

We have 1500mm long posts available on the shelf to suit a 900mm picket fence (allow approx’ 2ft of the post in the ground). For pickets 1200mm and over we will manufacture the posts to order – please contact us directly for a no obligation quote.  They are available in 3 types:

1. End Posts – To Finish the fence at the end of the run. They are only morticed halfway through the post so the rail will sit in one side and the other side will look intact, making a neat end to the fence.

2. Intermediate Posts – Morticed right through the entire cross section of the post allowing a continuous run of fencing. (These are typically placed every 1800mm or so along a run of fencing)

3. Corner posts – Morticed on 2 adjacent sides allowing a run of wicket fencing to carry on seamlessly round corners.

Product specification

  • 75 x 75mm Posts
  • Morticed to take a wicket rail (70 x 33mm approx) 
  • Post treated to UC4 specification (Redwood) 
  • available in pointed or round top (please select from the dropdown menu above) 
  • 5ft for a 3ft fence (other posts can be morticed to order) 


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