Protek ESP Edge Seal Protection Paint – Red

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ESP Edge Seal Protection 125ml.


ESP Panels extends the life of panel products by creating a watertight seal around the edge of the boards, stopping moisture penetration to protect against delamination and warping. Ideal for external use and high humidity areas. ESP is proven to make plywood, MDF, OSB and sterling board last longer. The sealant is simple applied to the bare edges (including freshly cut edges) of the boards. A thick layer is painted down the edge with a 5mm overlap onto the flat surface. Ensure that any holes or air pockets are completed covered. This can be done by working the sealant along the edge, back and forth with a paint brush.

Ideal for:
• Plywood
• Sterling Board

• Easy Application
• Quick Drying
• Stabilizes plywood from warping
• Stops water ingress and delamination
• Reduces risk of mould and rot
• Proven to make plywood stronger

Product specification

Size - 125ml


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