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Featuring the F39 Visor, PROTOS integral helmets are specially adapted for arborists working at height. The design of the helmet means that it will fit perfectly thanks to its far reaching neck shell. The whole modular principle can be adjusted using just 2 fingers, as when working at height it is sometimes not practical to get both hands free depending on the situation. Each element of the helmet can be regulated carefully in use. It comes complete with chin strap which is designed so that it cannot slip under the hearing protection where it would affect the noise reduction or the wearing comfort. The hearing and face protection are fully integrated into the shell of the head protection which will prevent snagging on branches etc. Air can flow freely from all sides and escape through the ventilation gate. After tiring work the Klima AIR® Set can be exchanged and washed at 30° C to maintain the hygiene.

For safety reasons, the outer Protos® shell should be replaced every 5 years (starting from the manufacturing date).  For hygiene reasons, we recommend washing the main support pads regularly and replacing them every 2–3 years in cases of daily use.

The Protos® Integral Arborist is certified according to ­
EN 397 and EN 12492.

Further national and international patents and designs are pending, in particular for the interior equipment, the visor (incl. face mask with elastic damping and sealing lip) and the Crash Absorber.

We also stock the PROTOS integral Forest helmet featuring the G16 visor for groundwork.

Product specification

One size (54–62)
7 Colour options
Ear defenders and visor included
Chin strap

Patents and design patents

EP no. 2 498 636, EU design no. 1731167
Swiss design no. 137 620
US design pat. no. D677,006
EP Patent No. 2 498 635
EP Patent No. 2 506 731
US patent no. 8,806,667
DE patent no. 10 2011 054 945
EU design no. 1 974 528
EP design no. 2012 101 489


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