SILKY F180 Folding Pruning Saw – 180mm

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SILKY Gomcase Holster for Folding Pruning Saws

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SILKY F180 Professional Replacement Blade - Fine Teeth

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The Silky F180 folding pruning saw is a lightweight yet robust entry level folding saw, and is one of our fastest selling saws at Briants. Its design and build is aimed at the domestic end of the market, and will be used predominantly for pruning around the home, garden and other areas. For the home gardener looking for a quality, but cost effective pruning saw, look no further than the Silky F180. The blade itself is 180mm long, impulse hardened, Chrome plated and ‘Mirai-Me’ (terms explained below). It’s blade features 7.5 teeth per 30mm and will lock in two different positions to allow flush cutting. The blade is not suitable for sharpening, however we can supply replacement F180 blades and also keep a range of spare blades and parts for other Silky Saws. To replace the blade it is just one screw which needs to be undone on the handle of the saw. The handle itself has been manufactured from ‘fibreglass polypropylene’ and has a rubber insert and sure grip which reduces the risk of slipping, even in wet conditions or when wearing gloves.

How is this Folding Pruning Saw Made?

The SK-4 carbon steel used to make the blade is laser cut. The teeth, designed with no set, are formed within the width of the blade, reducing friction leading to a much cleaner, smoother and faster cut, compared to the majority of other pruning saws whose teeth may be formed to project outside of the blade width, which leads to far more effort needed from the user to make a cut.

The inside of each tooth has 4 razor sharp cutting angles, which is what Silky’s ‘MIRAI-ME’ term refers to. It essentially means that when the blade cuts through the branch, the amount of splintering is reduced so the cut is much finer, and will destroy up to 50% less cells within the wood, which cuts the risk of disease and means the tree will heal far faster than if it were to be cut with a non MIRAI-ME blade.

Silky also use high-frequency electro-impulse hardening during their manufacturing process, during which the teeth are heated up and hardened off for added strength. In fact, a Silky saw could stay sharp for as much as 3 times longer than a non impulse hardened equivalent.  The key to this process is making sure the teeth are the only part of the blade that is ‘impulse hardened’ leaving the main body of the blade to retain it’s flexibility. A chrome plating is added to the blade to protect against rusting and sap adhesion to even further extend the lifespan of the blade.

IMPORTANT* – Guide for the correct use of Silky saws

Product specification

  • Type - Folding
  • Blade Length - 180mm
  • Replaceable Blade - Yes
  • Weight - 150g
  • MIRAI-ME impulse hardened blade

1 review for SILKY F180 Folding Pruning Saw – 180mm

  1. Jason Coward (verified owner)

    A nice, good quality, solid pruning saw. No flex or bowing of the blade or handle when in use.

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