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Silky Hayauchi pole saw is widely used by both professional and home users alike. They have robust aluminium alloy poles that are oval in shape and provide better control over the direction of the blade. This stability is especially useful when pruning branches which are higher up the tree. It also helps give strength and rigidity to the poles so reducing the chance of the poles bending during use. This saw is available in different lengths up to a maximum full extension of 6.3m.

The telescopic design has two locking systems – a spring loaded locking button and friction clamps which work in tandem to ensure a strong and stable pole extension.

The Hayauchi Pole Saw comes with a 390mm curved blade and fairly aggressive teeth ratio of 6.5 teeth per 30mm and is razor sharp to tear through branches with minimal effort.

It utilises the Silky 4-Retsume teeth technology – ideal for the toughest pruning jobs. The blade can be adjusted to two different angles for lower or higher cutting.

The blades have a lower sickle for undercutting bark and removing epicormics with a clean cut to avoid damaging the tree and an upper sickle for cutting vines – these sickles also help prevent the blade slipping off the limb.

The blade on the Silky Hayauchi comes with a protective black rigid guard (scabbard) for extra protection. The base pole includes a pole end shock absorber to help protect the pole when it’s resting on the ground.

We can can also supply replacement blades for any Silky saw in our range.

If you want to convert your Silky Hayauchi pole saw to a lopper, this can be easily done by purchasing the Sintung Lopper head which has been specifically designed by Silky to be attached to the top of the Hayauchi Pole. Simply remove the blade head and replace it with the Sintung Lopper attachment.

IMPORTANT* – Guide for the correct use of Silky saws

Product specification

  • Blade - 390mm
  • Hayauchi 1 Ext 3700 with 1 extension pole - range 2.28 - 3.7m
  • Hayauchi 2 Ext 4900 with 2 extension poles - range 2.35 - 4.9m
  • Hayauchi 3 Ext 6300 with 3 extension poles - range 2.44 - 6.3m.

4 reviews for SILKY Hayauchi Pole Saw

  1. Peter (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Sturdy and easy to use. Well designed. Upper and lower sickles on blade are an important feature. Very sharp and efficient. Bought for cutting low hanging branches over an access road. Pleased I went for the 4.9m (2 extension) as the pole saw is best used to one side of the branch, not vertically underneath, requiring the tool to be longer than I first thought. The 2 extension is long enough for what I need in order to give 4m vehicle clearance under the trees.

  2. Roger (verified owner)

    Excellent service from Briants – the saw arrived within 2 days of placing the order. I have a 4.9m saw and it is an excellent tool, razor sharp blade makes cutting easy and the reach is excellent. I thoroughly recommend.

  3. Marc Le’Strange (verified owner)

    Went for the 6.2m version and I’m glad I did. It’s a fantastic weapon to have, and as a professional gardener, it’s one of those where you say “why did it take me so long to catch on”? Very well made. Solid and sensible design. The blade is outrageous and because of the extra natural weight of the longer saw, just a few swipes are enough to bring down most branches. The only critique and it’s not the fault of the saw, is it doesn’t have an integrated lopper. Obviously sawing only works when the branch is sturdy enough to hold itself while you saw, but some branches are too flexible and the saw gets hung up. However, because of the weight and sharpness, I’ve found a very quick swipe can bring down a more flexible branch. A lopper would be ideal but…Briants service was first class. Very fast delivery. 5* saw and hard to think of anything better.

  4. Steve Gale (verified owner)

    Great piece of kit. Really useful. Great service from Briants Ltd.

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