SILKY Nata Machete

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The Nata is a cross between a knife and an axe. The blade is perfectly weighted to swing smoothly, to ensure a very efficient cut. Ideal for removing tree/shrub limbs and clearing brush.

The semi-square tip of the Nata helps put weight-forward and gives good balance, plus the rubber handle gives great grip and takes almost the entire “jarring” effect that machetes can have.

The blades can be re-sharpened using a normal whetstone.

The blades are made from a special alloy using traditional Japanese sword steel making methods and is designed to keep its edge longer, even with continual use.

The Genki rubber grip absorbs the shock, the vibrations are hardly transmitted to the hand or arm, making it ideal for heavy duty applications. The blade is perfectly weighted to swing smoothly to ensure a very efficient cut.

Comes with a hard plastic sheath and easy-release belt clip.

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