SILKY Pocketboy 130 Folding Pruning Saw

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SILKY Pocketboy 130 Replacement Blade - Large Teeth

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SILKY Pocketboy 130 Replacement Blade – Fine Teeth

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The pocket boy 130 ‘MIRAI-ME’ from Silky Saws is an incredibly popular folding pruning saw within the Silky range. The smallest saw of the range, it’s non-slip handle is made from rubber and is extremely comfortable as well as easy to hold, even in wet conditions. The mirror polished blade of the handsaw, which is adjustable to lock into 2 different angles is impulse hardened, rust resistant, hard chrome plated and taper ground metal, allowing the user to have absolutely fantastic cutting efficiency at their disposal. It’s razor-sharp teeth (8 per 30mm) make light work of pruning tasks, including small ornamental and fruit trees. It will resist tree resin and clean very easily. It’s small and lightweight nature make it ideal to fit into your pocket or workbag. It’s also a hit with camping enthusiasts due to its size and cutting ability. It comes supplied with a plastic carry case.
A replacement blade is also available to buy from Briants. All Silky saw blades are easily replaceable and other parts may also be available upon request, please get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for. The Pocket Boy 170 is also available from us alongside a replacement blade.

Impulse Hardening

The teeth of the Pocket Boy 130 saw blade are heated using a special high frequency heating technique which instantly hardens the metal. Due to the way this technique is performed, it’s only the teeth that are impulse hardened, therefore the rest of the metal on the blade will retain its flexibility. Because of this process the teeth of the saw will stay harder up to 3 times longer than a non-hardened equivalent.

Ergonomically designed handles

Silky handles are all comfortable and non-slip, even in wet conditions and wearing gloves, due to their high-tech rubber compound makeup.

Is there a correct way to use a Pocket Boy 130 Silky Saw?

There certainly is! A Silky blade will only cut on the pull stroke, and they will require very little pressure to cut through wood in an efficient manner. The kerf of blade has been designed in such a way that it will bite and glide though the wood without needing any excessive pressure placed upon it during the cut. Adding extra pressure or wrenching and twisting the saw blade may lead to breakages. We have sold Silky saws at Briants for many years and faults, not down to misuse, are genuinely a very rare occurrence.

IMPORTANT* – Guide for the correct use of Silky saws

Product specification

  • Pocket Boy 130
  • Type - Folding
  • Blade Length - 130mm
  • Replaceable Blade - Yes

3 reviews for SILKY Pocketboy 130 Folding Pruning Saw

  1. Norbert Kovacs (verified owner)

    Well made, top quality tool, almost pocket sized. Blade is supersharp and perfectly designed with a solid handle.

  2. Sean Salkeld (verified owner)

    High quality pocket saw as always from Silky..m

  3. Andy (verified owner)

    Very quick service and product just as expected

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