STEIN ACUDA ACR-24 11.7mm Climbing Rope


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STEIN ACUDA ACR-24 is a performance 11.7mm braided construction climbing line manufactured with a 24-strand polyester over-braid and a braided nylon core. Specifically developed for the climbers looking for a performance climbing line.

ACUDA ACR-24 low weight offers more freedom and movement from that of traditional climbing lines. This line has exceptional performance characteristics when used in conjunction with popular arborist climbing systems and the braided construction helps improve grip for less hand fatigue, without the added bulk of a larger diameter line.

Works exceptionally well with both traditional Friction Hitches and modern Mechanical Friction Devices used in both DRT climbing systems (double rope technique) or SRT (single rope technique)

CE certified in the UK in accordance with EN1891 (Type “A”)

  • 24-Strand Kernmantle Construction.
  • 11.7mm Diameter.
  • Lightweight.
  • High Performance.
  • Easy-grip supple feel.
  • Excellent knot-holding capability.
  • Spliceable.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Controlled Extension.
  • Protective coating.
  • Serial numbered terminations.

Product specification

  • Spliced Eye - Yes
  • Standard - EN1891 (A)
  • Construction - Double Braid
  • Over Braid - 24-Strand
  • Material (outer) - Polyester
  • Material (inner) - Nylon
  • Spliceability - Yes
  • Manufacturer - STEIN
  • Line Diameter - 11.7mm
  • Application - DRT & SRT
  • GTIN / EAN13 - 5060483282343

Additional information

Type of Rope

Climbing Rope




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