STIHL AL301 Quick Charger

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In order to lose as little time as possible charging batteries, you can use the STIHL AL rapid battery charger.

All  STIHL AK, STIHL AP and  STIHL AR batteries can be quickly recharged  with the STIHL AL rapid battery charger.

Active battery cooling protects the batteries during the charging process . The operating status display shows you via LED how far the charging process has progressed.

The lightweight and compact STIHL AL battery quick chargers have a  nominal voltage of 36 V  and work with appropriate  charging currents  for  particularly fast charging times.

  • AL 301  (item no. EA094305500), up to 6.5 A charging current, 1.2 kg weight
  • You can find out more about the safety standards for our batteries in our STIHL guide to charging lithium-ion batteries .
  • Suitable for all STIHL AK, AP and AR batteries
  • With device for practical wall mounting and cord storage
  • Gentle charging of the battery through active cooling
  • 6.5 A charging current for fast charging times

Product specification

  • Mains voltage - 230V
  • Weight - 1.2kg
  • Charging time AP 100 - 45 Mins
  • Charging time AP 200 - 55 Mins
  • Charging time AP 300 - 60 Mins 

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1 review for STIHL AL301 Quick Charger

  1. David Ayers (verified owner)

    Excellent charger. Batteries were quickly charged ready for further use.

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