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Stihl Bio Plus chain & bar lubricant is both gentle on the environment & high performance, giving great lubrication. Our vegetable based high performance lubricant demonstrates its strengths in temperate & hot climate zones, being very environmentally friendly with no loss of lubrication or adhesion. It degrades completely in the soil in a very short period of time and it has won the Blue Angel environmental award.

Product specification

Goes like clockwork.

STIHL BioPlus saw chain lubricant has been developed in-house specifically to lubricate fast-running saw chains and has a remarkably low tendency to resinification for a vegetable-oil based bio oil.
Protection even when things get tough.

Special lubricating and active ingredients effectively protect the cutting attachment - even from short-duration maximum thermal load. There's no smoke, even in tough conditions. The excellent flow properties are retained even at temperatures as low as -15° C.

Good for the environment.

STIHL BioPlus chain lubricant has one of the best oxidation stabilities of all rapeseed oil-based chain lubricants. Even during extended idle periods hardly any resinification occurs and it surpasses the requirements and fitness for use according to the Blue Angel environmental award. It is biodegradable and classed as non-water pollutant and is therefore suitable for use in water reserves and ecologically sensitive areas.

Highly compatible.

STIHL BioPlus chain lubricant is compatible with materials such as light metal alloys, plastics, paints and elastomers.


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