STIHL Gear Lubricant – Brushcutter Grease

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This lubricant has been designed specifically for the high-speed gearboxes of brushcutters, perceptibly reduces wear and provides increased protection from corrosion. The flow properties are specially matched to the needs of the gears to ensure that the high-quality grease additive is distributed over all the sensitive lubricating points over a wide temperature range.

Product specification

  • Properties:

Excellent penetrative powers along with good adhesive properties (grease reaches all the lubricating points, even in small confined gearboxes)
High temperature and shearing force resistance
Stable to oxidation

  • Typical applications:

The high-performance gear lubricant is also suitable for enclosed gearboxes with spur gears and bevel gear drives, worm gear pairs and similar industrial gears.
Specially for the gears of clearing saws and trimmers.
Please follow the particular gear manufacturer's recommendations.

  • Action:

Reduces wear
Protects from corrosion

1 review for STIHL Gear Lubricant – Brushcutter Grease

  1. Alan (verified owner)

    Better service than Amazon and cheaper than Amazon. Keep up the good work

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