STIHL Light ’04 Chainsaw Guide Bar – 16 Inch

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The Light 04 is the first STIHL guide bar model to feature this new name and innovative design. The new Light 04 features a special construction that means you benefit from improved balance and therefore less fatigue when sawing, because this tool’s slim contour means it weighs up to 200g less than existing guide bars. The result is easier manoeuvrability during cutting, and agile chainsaw work. And the new design is more than just easy on the eye, as you can also read information about its properties and features directly on the bar. So you can always find the right combination of bar and chain for your STIHL chainsaw.

Product specification

Groove width - 1.3mm/.050"
Sprocket pitch - 8.25mm/.325"
Number of teeth on the sprocket - 10
Bar type - Stern-Rollomatic
Bar connection - 3.003
Bar Length - 16''


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