STIHL MS231 Chainsaw


STIHL Service Kit for MS231 & MS251

STIHL Micro 3 3/8" P 1.3mm 14 inch Semi Chisel Chainsaw Chain 50DL

STIHL Micro 3 3/8" P 1.3mm 16 inch Semi Chisel Chainsaw Chain 55DL

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This saw is for use by landscapers, farmers and private estates. Features include side mounted chain tensioning, long life air filter and a 2.7 hp STIHL 2-MIX engine which allows emissions to be cut by up to 70%. As much as 20% less fuel consumption when compared to a conventional non 2-Mix engine of the same output.

Product specification

  • Displacement - 42.6cm³ 
  • Power output - 2.7 bhp
  • Power-to-weight ratio - 2.4 kg/kW 
  • Weight - 4.8kg 
  • STIHL Oilomatic 3/8" P PM3 Saw Chain


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