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The Stihl MS500i is a truly innovative petrol chainsaw, the world’s very first ever chainsaw  with fuel injection technology. It has the absolute best power-to-weight ratio on the market, it’s very lightweight for a saw of it’s class and has incredible acceleration.

Weighing just 6.2kg and delivering 6.8hp, to put this into perspective the MS462 weighs 0.2kg less but the MS500i packs 0.8hp more! Available with 3 possible guidebar lengths – 50cm, 63cm or 71cm. With much hype surrounding this machine upon it’s release, we are delighted to be stocking the MS500i.


STIHL MS500i Features

Stihl has always been innovative and forward thinking – ever since introducing to market the first ever electric chainsaw in the 1920’s, and the MS500i is no exception to this trend. Starting the saw is an incredibly simple process. There isn’t a start switch – when cold starting the machine, press the primer, pull the cord and away you go! Press the stop switch to turn off the chainsaw. STIHL MS500iIt contains a long life HD2 filter through which clean air is pulled into the combustion chamber and precision mixed with the fuel due to the sensor controlled fuel mixing process. When starting internal combustion engines, jerky stresses can occur because of the combustion pressure. The ‘Elasto start’ damping element will absorb and release appropriate force, dependent upon the pattern of compression. This will give a smooth and easy start.


The HD2 filter is manufactured from PET material, will protect against fine dust particles being taken in. It’s ‘hermetic’ seal will greatly increase the service life of the engine by reducing wear.


When ‘plunge cutting’ control and safety are paramount, Stihl have added marking to the fan housing to assist when performing plunge cuts.


Higher volumes of oil are delivered thanks to Stihl’s new Emaic oil pump system. When working in a dusty environment on windy days or when operating with a long guide-bar this system can prove invaluable.


Adjustments have been made to the length of the spikes to take into account radial contours of trees. The saw will really bite into the timber when cutting or felling.


Watch Promo Video

Stihl MS500i review – Stihl’s own BLOG entry gives a rundown of the new MS500i saw.

Product specification

  • Displacement - 79,2 cm³
  • Sound pressure level 1) - 106 dB(A)
  • Power output - 5/6,8 kW/bhp
  • Vibration level left/right 2) - 4,2/4 m/s²
  • Sound power level 1) - 119 dB(A)
  • Weight 3) - 6,2 kg
  • Power-to-weight ratio - 1,2 kg/kW
  • Saw chain pitch - 3/8"


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