STIHL RE80 Pressure Washer

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STIHL Vehicle Cleaning Set for Models 2022 Onwards

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Lightweight, compact entry-level pressure washer with hardwearing aluminium pump head, rotary nozzle, adjustable fan jet nozzle, cleaning agent spray set. Space-saving, secure accessory storage directly on the pressure washer. Quick release coupling for easy connection of 5 m high-pressure hose to pressure washer and lance.

Product specification

Power consumption 1.7kW
Mains voltage - 220-230V
Rotational speed - 20.000U/min
Operating pressure - 90 bar
Max. pressure - 120
Min. water throughput - 330 l/h
Max. water throughput - 430l/h
Max. water supply temperature - 40°C
Max. water inlet temperature - 20°C
Weight - 1.7 kW
Sound power level - 89 dB
Frequenz - 50-60Hz
Rated voltage - 220-230 v
High-pressure hose length - 12 - 5m


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