STIHL Resin Solvent – Superclean

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Stihl resin solvent has been specially formulated  to dissolve resin from hedge trimmer blades and other similar cutting attachments. The build up of sap and resin on moving blades can cause them to stick, leading to potential mechanical issues with the machine. A light application of resin solvent after each use, followed by a short period running the machine to coat the blades thoroughly, will help keep your cutting blades sap free and running smoothly.

Product specification


Contains graphite
Typical applications:
Hedge trimmer blades
Cutting attachments


Dissolves rust
Dissolves resin
Protects from corrosion

How to use:

Spray the cutting attachments after every use.
Then activate the hedge trimmer blades briefly.

1 review for STIHL Resin Solvent – Superclean

  1. Mr Graham E Seymour (verified owner)

    Haven’t used the product yet but I was a little shocked and how tiny the container is considering the price. Will use it very sparingly and in the meantime look for an alternative which I feel could be of equal quality yet at a lower price.

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