Round Nylon Grass Trimmer Line

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Can be universally used for trimming and mowing work – simply select the diameter required for your machine.

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Stihl nylon trimmer line with a rounded profile. Our line is compatible with most, if not all makes and models of grass trimmer. Stihl makes some of the most hardwearing trimmer line on the market today. Round line is by far the most common shape of line, for general all round cutting. There are also other types available, such as square, or twisted line. Please see our section on grass trimmer and brushcutter consumables for the full range.

Which make of trimmer will this line fit?

Our trimmer line will fit most, if not all makes and models of grass trimmer. The important thing to check is the diameter. For example: If your grass trimmer takes a maximum 1.6mm round line and is not made by Stihl, simply select 1.6mm round trimmer line from the drop down menu above and it will fit, provided the diameter is accurate.

What diameter grass trimmer line do I need?

That depends on the type of work you are doing. Generally speaking 1.4 – 2.4mm is used for basic domestic grass trimming. If you’re tackling heavier weeds, tougher grass or nettles etc then 2.4 – 3mm is recommended. This will of course be governed by the maximum diameter your trimmer will be able to take.

How do I know what diameter my existing line is?

  • If you have access to callipers you will be able to measure the exact diameter. (although this is not exactly a common household item!) .
  • Consult your manufacturers instruction manual.
  • Send us an email with the make and model of your grass trimmer and we will look it up and get back to you.
  • Post us a small section of your old trimmer line and we will let you know the size.
  • If your machine is STIHL, the line is colour coded. Use the dropdown menu above.

We supply trimmer line in a variety of reel sizes and line diameters. Simply cut the line to the required length using scissors or secateurs.

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