STIHL HP Super 2 Stroke Engine Oil


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STIHL HP Super high-performance semi-synthetic engine oil was developed by STIHL specially for mix-lubricated two-stroke engines in handheld power tools. It combines excellent lubrication properties with very clean burning. STIHL HP Super is a very good choice if you often run your machine’s high-performance engine at full load for extended periods.

Product specification

STIHL HP Super is very clean-burning and that reduces the deposits in the combustion chamber, piston head, muffler and exhaust ports. That ensures consistently high engine power and long unit life.

Its good lubricating properties effectively protect both high-revving, hot chain saw engines and machines that run more in the 'cold range' from wear.

STIHL HP Super has a decisive advantage over conventional low-smoke oils: it reduces pollutant emissions without losing its ideal lubricating properties. That makes it suitable for even heavy-duty engines.

STIHL HP Super has very good self-mixing properties. The clear green colour makes it easy to see the progress of mixing.


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