STIHL WP600 Petrol Water Pump

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The WP 600 is a versatile water pump with a powerful 4-stroke petrol engine and 3″ hose connection, for delivering water volumes of up to 63 m³/h. Ideal for private use or construction, the integrated suction basket protects the pump against damage caused by dirt particles contained in the water. The robust frame of the water pump ensures good stability on various surfaces, and protects the engine against accidental impact and damage. Fitted with a powerful and durable STIHL engine, the WP 600 is easy to start and reliable to use.

Suction and pressure hose not included in scope of delivery. PVC suction hose recommended. Only approved for use with water.

Not approved for pumping salt water, petrol, oil, solvents, acids, food products or water above 40° C.

Product specification

Engine type - EHC 605.0
Performance - 4.4kW
Performance PS - 6
Displacement - 212cm³
Rated speed - 3,600 r/min
Tankinhalt - 3.6 L
Weight - 29kg
Hose connection in 3
Max. flow capacity - 63m³/h
Max. flow rate - 1,050 l/min
Max. pressure height - 31m
Max. suction height - 7m
Max. discharge pressure - 3 bar


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