Tree Climbers Companion 2nd Edition Book by Jeff Jepson

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The Tree Climbers Companion by Jeff Jepson was first published in 1997 and having sold over 100,000 copies, it is the worlds highest selling tree climbing pocket reference book. It gives detailed instruction on starting with the basic methods of entering a tree, the use and correct selection of arborist equipment as well as other climbing techniques. If you are new to tree climbing then this book will give invaluable information, and is also a very useful reference even for experienced climbers as it covers everything from the very basics of getting started to advanced rope techniques. The book contains detailed information and instruction on tools of the trade and all manner of techniques. It also contains well over 200 illustrations by Bryan Kotwica. The duo also wrote / illustrated Knots At Work Book – A field guide for the modern arborist .

  • Compact A5 ‘pocket’ size for many hours of reading and reference
  • Over 100 pages covering tools of the trade, climbing techniques and knots
  • Introduction to tree climbing
  • Rope installation and entering the tree
  • Climbing and Rigging Knots
  • Work Positioning methods while in the tree
  • Limb Walking and other Techniques
  • Advanced Rope Techniques
  • Skills Performance Sheets

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