Turk Scythe with Grass Blade

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High quality Turk Scythe for users looking for a lightweight yet strong and robust product.  The price quoted is for the aluminium snaith after which you can select the blade you require, either Grass or Bramble.

Each blade has been manufactured in Germany to the highest standards, this scythe. Please note that the blade will need sharpening before first use and regularly thereafter to ensure optimum performance.

TIP – To remove the locking key from the handle clamp for the first time, insert a flat screwdriver diagonally in the square screw holes to loosen and remove the key. 

Product specification

  • Blade length - 55 or 75cm
  • Total length - Height 150cm / 59.06 inches
  • Made in Germany

6 reviews for Turk Scythe with Grass Blade

  1. Lorie Lain-Rogers (verified owner)

    I have borrowed a Turk scythe for many years as I understood they were no longer made. I was delighted therefore recently to discover that Briant’s stocked them. They are a brilliant tool for cutting grass and rough pasture will cut through brambles as well as nettles with ease. The upward turn of the blade end ensures that it doesn’t snag. Lightweight and easy to build up a rhythm they are an extremely useful tool for conservation purposes.

  2. Trevor Beeson (verified owner)

    I used the Scythe for the first time yesterday on the very long grass[ 2′ plus] in our Orchard and it was a delight to use. I wanted it for a July Hay cut because we are trying to encourage the Wildflowers in that part of our Garden and I believe scything is the best way to do so in a relative small area of ground.
    Briants were very helpful in guiding me on how to mount the blade to the handle because it is not immediately obvious how best to release the requisite Allen Key from the shaft. If the manufacturer provided some simple assembly instructions with the Scythe that would be an improvement.

  3. Jon Bond (verified owner)

    Bought the Turk Scythe after lots of reading about, the blade comes well wrapped and protected with a plastic shield, I had expected it to be razor sharp out of the box, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case and I had to sharpen it over a good half hour of careful work before it was ready; but once it was it was utterly top notch, getting into a swing and rhythm and it is something to be feared. Using ours on our equine small holding (~4 acres) to cut and dry the meadow as hay, you get a lovely sweep and satisfying bunch of cut hay; however when doing this before sharpening that first time it was definitely dragging more than cutting, and indeed this is the effect as the edge is taken during use you see even grass stalks wrap around and get dragged rather than cut. However, it is a powerful tool, silent and tranquil to use.

  4. Shirley (verified owner)

    Bought the scythe to manage a large churchyard – trying to create/improve wild flower areas. I’ve used it a number of times in the month since I bought it. As long as I keep sharpening it afer every 15-20 minutes of use, it works really well. The 120-grit cigar-shaped sharpening stone is great..

    The scythe struggles in the areas where the long grass – yorkshire fog/false oat/ barren brome – have already flopped over. Not the fault of the scythe, just the timing. Note to self – cut those areas early next year. As they tend to be shady and no wild flowers currently grow there, nothing lost with an early cut. Maybe keeping the grass shorter will encourage floristic growth in the future – we’ll have to see.

  5. Gordon Summers (verified owner)

    I needed to keep the grass down in my orchard, the scythe was superb for the job. with an edge as sharp as a razor and so easy to use.
    Briant’s service was as good as it gets. I knew where my purchase was and when it was arriving.
    thank you for your excellent service.

  6. Richard (verified owner)

    Excellent purchase. Lightweight and easy to use. The blade does need sharpening first off, but then holds its edge well.
    Prompt delivery from Briants. The sharpening stone needs to be purchased separately.

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