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The Westland Growbag is suitable for greenhouses, conservatories or patio use, inside or outside in a sheltered and sunny spot. Please remember to choose your growbag position carefully as it is unwise to move once crops are planted. Perfect for Tomatoes, Courgettes, Cucumbers, Aubergines, Fruit, Flowers or Herbs

Product specification

When to Use

Heated greenhouse mid March onwards
Unheated greenhouse mid April onwards
Outside (not frosty) mid May onwards
How to use a WESTLAND Growbag
Before use, shake the growbag until the compost has loosened to provide a greater depth for planting
Cut along the dotted lines on top of the pack to reveal 3 planting holes
Add about 7 litres (1.5 gallons) of water. Place plants into planting holes and firm compost around each plant
Plant in central area of the growbag, firming compost well around the new plant
Using canes for support
Position canes next to each plant being careful not to damage the plant roots
Train main stem up the cane, securing with garden string. When growing tomato plants, remove all side shoots from between the leaf and the main stem
When growing tomatoes aid pollination by carefully shaking or spraying the plants on a regular basis


Keep moist, never allow to dry out
If necessary, cut drainage slits in the side of the bag to prevent it from becoming water logged in wet weather
Water frequently in hot weather. When first truss has set, feed with Tomato Food.


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