BLACKDOWN FORGE Double Edge Billhook

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This double edge billhook is the ideal tool for hedge laying and other cutting tasks both domestic and agricultural. The tang runs the full length of the 6 inch wooden handle and the 9 inch long blade has both curved and straight cutting edges for maximum flexibility. Manufactured from high carbon steel (c45).

*The blade is suitable for sharpening by the user as required, and may require sharpening before first use (at the users discretion).

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8 reviews for BLACKDOWN FORGE Double Edge Billhook

  1. Jason Coward (verified owner)

    A lovely ergonomical and solid bill hook. Does require the varnish on the blade (preventing rust) to be removed and a little filing and a sharpening stone prior to use.
    I would certainly recommend.

  2. Michael Parker. (verified owner)

    Very good. Light enough to use freely and the blade while needing an initial sharpening does sharpen easily.
    I am oiling after every use to deter rust.

  3. Nicholas Andrew Searle (verified owner)

    Excellent quality.

  4. Duncan Aitchison (verified owner)

    Great tool excellent quality

  5. Philip Connor (verified owner)

    Excellent, good quality, well balanced bladed tool. Comes blunt (usually the case. Avoids post workers litigating) with translucent power coating or varnish all over blade. Hand forging apparent in blade not being perfectly straight (acceptable wiggle) Weighed 475gm with 4mm thick blade. Light enough for me to use all day without fatigue and keep accuracy in the cuts. Flip around to use on chopping block or skew slicing cut for better penetration. Can move hand along handle to choke up on blade or hold on flared end for better leverage/whacking force. Sharpen slowly with file/stones or use some form of machine grinder/belt to get convex bevel, keeping steel cooled to stop it losing temper. Clean & oil regularly

  6. Willemien Hines (verified owner)

    Looks good and arrived in good time
    Unable to write a review as this was a present and it has not yet reached the recipient.
    No doubt he will review the blade when he has been able to test it.

  7. Peter (verified owner)

    Fine quality, but pretty blunt and requires a grinding wheel to sharpen.

  8. Suzanne A-P (verified owner)

    Overall good quality. Sharpens and hones well. Only issue is slight weakness on the tang where it connects to the handle. This gives a slight wobble at 90 degrees to the blade when twisting to promote preacher splitting. Therefore, I may not use this for thicker hedge bases.

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