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The arborist throw bag is a crucial piece of equipment in any tree climbers kit bag, allowing a simple yet effective way to gain access into a tree. Stein Sky-shot throw weights come in many different sizes, ranging from the lightest at 220g up to 460g. These throw weights are individually colour coded based on the weight and have been made from laser cut fabric, which is a synthetic material with high tensile fibres, designed to withstand long term wear and are extremely abrasive as well as water repellent. The same (or similar) fabric is also used to make tents, motorcycle jackets and an early version was widely used in World War II for making tyre material. All cut edges are heat sealed during the manufacturing process which will prevent the material from ”fraying” internally during its working life. Each throw weight has 2 colours of material which are double stitched, allowing the product to be incredibly robust and hard wearing. Each weight has a ring securely fitted to the end which is nickel plated and allows easy attachment of an arborist throw line onto the weight. There is also a webbing loop which has been integrated into the weight to allow 2 weights to be connected together with the use of a carabiner.

The throw weight features a sleek and aerodynamic shape meaning the user should be able to get good distance when throwing or firing the weight into the tree. This is often done by hand but can also be done through the use of a throwline launcher.

Arborist Throw Bag sizes

Available in the following weights (Please select your required weight from the dropdown menu above):

  • 220g (8oz)
  • 280g (10oz)
  • 340g (12oz)
  • 400g (14oz)
  • 460g (16oz)

**PLEASE NOTE** Colour may vary from the photo shown from time to time, so please contact us before ordering if you have specific colour requirements, and we can advise accordingly.

Product specification

  • Ring - Nickel Plated
  • Outer Material - Cordura
  • Internal Compound - Lead Shot
  • Connection Loop - Yes

weight may vary by +/- 10%


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