STIHL MS400 CM Chainsaw


STIHL Service Kit for MS362C and MS400C

STIHL Super 3/8" 1.6mm 16 inch Full Chisel Chainsaw Chain 60DL

STIHL Super 3/8" 1.6mm 18 inch Full Chisel Chainsaw Chain 66DL

STIHL Super 3/8" 1.6mm 20 inch Full Chisel Chainsaw Chain 72DL

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The Stihl MS400 CM is an innovative chainsaw from Stihl. Packed with a range of features as well as offering fantastic performance for professional users. It’s power to weight ratio is excellent (1.45 kilograms per kilowatt) and it’s 2-mix engine produces 4kW / 5.46 hp and 4.1 Nm of torque.

It is the first chainsaw ever to be produced with a magnesium piston, lighter than it’s aluminium equivalent and allowing for faster acceleration. The saw also features M-Tronic technology, and improved HD2 filter. As with other saws at the larger end of the Stihl range it features Elasto-start and a decompression valve to assist starting.

Product specification

  • Weight - 5.8kg (without bar and chain)
  • Power - 4kW / 5.46 hp
  • Torque - 4.1 Nm
  • Displacement - 66.8 cm³
  • Guide Bar - ES Light
  • Chain - 3/8


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