STIHL SGA85 Battery Powered Sprayer

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Stihl’s first battery powered power sprayer, ideal for use in fruit growing, agriculture, horticulture and viticulture.

Product Quantity

STIHL AL101 Standard Li-ion Battery Charger

STIHL AP100 Li-ion Battery

**Recommended battery for this sprayer**

STIHL Telescopic Tube for Sprayers - 52 - 90cm

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The SGA85 is Stihl’s first ever battery powered sprayer and has been specifically designed with landscape gardeners and farmers in mind, where there is a need for a high power sprayer capable of tackling large areas. The need to manually pump the sprayer to pressurise the tank is completely removed by the fact that the sprayer is powered by the Stihl AP battery range. A  powerful diaphragm pump gives a spraying pressure of up to 6 bar, and the liquid can be dispensed from the 17 litre tank at around 1.7 litres per minute through the standard nozzle. The pressure adjustment can be checked at a quick glance using the simple gauge on the lance, and can be set between 1 and 6 bar.

Ideal for the application of disinfectants, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides in agriculture and in horticulture, fruit growing and viticulture.

Product specification

Motor Voltage - 36v
Operating Pressure - 1 - 6 bar
Fill Volume - 17 litres
Pump Flow Rate - 1.5 - 3.1 litres per minute
Max Spraying Capacity - 1.7 litres
Weight - 6.2kg (7.1kg with AP100 Battery)
Sound Pressure - 66dB (A)
Sound Power - 77 dB (A)
Working Time (AP100 Battery) - 510 mins

Additional information

STIHL AL101 Standard Li-ion Battery Charger



STIHL AP100 Li-ion Battery




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