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Product Quantity

Grass Blade for Alpine Scythe - 60cm

Bramble Blade for Alpine Scythe - 45cm

Boat Stone for Scythe Sharpening

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The Alpine Scythe is a great tool for those looking to cut vegetation in an environmentally friendly way using traditional methods.

The Alpine grass scythe pattern is suitable for domestic use and is perfect for cutting through domestic grass and light vegetation whilst the thicker bramble blade can handle bramble and thicker material. The main advantage of this version of the Alpine, over the previously available folding bladed scythe of the same name, is the fixed rigid blade. This makes it more suitable for heavier use as the blade is clamped into a fixed position so there is absolutely no chance of the blade ever slipping, even during prolonged periods of  cutting.

When using a grass or bramble scythe, it is absolutely crucial to sharpen the blade before first use and on a regular basis during use (also called ‘peening’ the blade). We recommend the scythe boat stone. The total length is fixed, but the middle handle of the  scythe can be moved to desired position (requires a spanner or similar tool – not supplied*)

TIP – To remove the locking key from the handle for the first time, insert a flat screwdriver diagonally in the square screw hole to loosen and remove the key. 

For assembly instructions, please click the image below:


Product specification

Blade length - 60cm
Handle length - 150cm
Blade attachment - fixed (clamped to handle)
Suitable for - Green Vegetation/grass

9 reviews for ALPINE Scythe – Please Add Blade

  1. Stefan Rusu (verified owner)

    Just bought the scythe and so far so good. Peening the blade will be the first thing to do and there are plenty of guides online. Aluminium support is sturdy and assembly is straight forward. Highly recommended.

  2. C Callow (verified owner)

    Excellent fast service!

  3. James C (verified owner)

    Decent tool. Metal shaft. Good balance. Made short work of some heavy undergrowth

  4. Al (verified owner)

    Good, sturdy and need no fuel.

  5. Katherine Arnold (verified owner)

    Does the job well

  6. Tim Harding (verified owner)

    Excellent scythe, worked well cutting my wild flower meadow, though hard work taking me 16 hrs of work!

  7. Peter Rollason (verified owner)

    It is just what i needed for my wild flower meadow area of my garden

  8. Andy Lawton (verified owner)

    Nice scythe, good starter equipment. Middle handle was split along wood grain when I opened the box. This was due to poor shaping of the hole that slides up and down the shaft, then over tightening on assembly by supplier. No problem though; Brients sent replacement straight away. Thanks.

  9. Richard Jones

    Came quickly. Well packaged. Scythe works well, once you get into the rhythm

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